Street Glide to Road Glide Conversion

This is the first part in a multi-part series about converting a 2014+ (Rushmore and M8) Street Glide to a Road Glide. I could not find anybody online that had posted a howto or any examples of doing this before which surprised me, so I went on the road to a very expensive science experiment and succeeded.

First off many people immediately discount this wondering why. The reason is simple and the reason behind lots of things: money.

I hated the low speed handling of my Ultra and started looking at swapping it for a Road Glide of similar years. The problem I ran into was greed at both independent and Harley dealerships in Dallas-Fort Worth. Long story short it would have costs me minimum $8k to swap to a Road Glide of the same year with more miles, this was not even the Ultra this was the normal or special which are worth less than an Ultra. After being told that this was how it was and they won’t be reasonable on the price I made a wager with the manager of a local dealership I could convert it for under $3k which I did. Unfortunately, the manager was fired during this endeavor so I can’t collect. Rumor on the Facebook has it was that he was skimming cash or something along those lines.

The entire project costs me about $1500 before painting the fairing (have a two-tone paint job only offered on the Ultras during one year). This was partially because I found someone trying to do the same thing that gave up and he sold me a bulk of what was needed for a very good price. The rest I sourced from some salvage bike sellers on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and for some of the harder to find items I had to go to the dealership.

In this series of write-ups I will be posting a parts list, a teardown, and a rebuild with the Road Glide fairing. All with complete pictures and commentary showing the gotchas and what to not do, that I did, on each part.

I will update this with a link to each page once I post it. As of 1/20/2018 the bike is completely converted and I am just working on these pages explaining each step of the way.